Natural style wicker lamps

Decoration with wicker lamp

El wicker is back in fashion, and it is that the return of everything traditional with a modern twist is something that we see very often in decoration. There are few inventions and many triumphant comebacks.

the wicker historically it is used to make baskets, chairs and other utensils for the house and it still has that warm and natural touch to this day that is perfect in many environments. Therefore, if you are looking to give warmth to a space, what do you think about using natural style wicker lamps?

the wicker

Wicker lamp

the wicker it is a natural fiber that humans have been using for centuries. The fiber comes from a shrub in the willow family that is woven into many utensils. Basket weaving became an art, especially throughout Europe, and although there was a time when it was a very widespread art today it is not so popular.

But luckily, it has not disappeared and we can always buy wicker things to decorate the house or to use. The baskets, furniture and lamps that call us today are still on sale and from time to time experience a revival in terms of fashion.

Wicker lamps

Ideas in wicker lamps

La pendant light fixture It is very attractive and is used a lot when you want to give your spaces a modern style. Hanging lamps are functional and help create special environments. You can opt for wicker, but there is also rattan and bamboo, obviously more expensive options but they are fabulous. Especially, if you want to print true asian air to your space.

And it is that Asian countries use many of these materials: natural fibers are great, stylish and versatile and they help us, in a simple way, to add texture and some architectural interest to the environments. The more expensive versions, bamboo and rattan, appear a lot in decoration magazines and blogs because they have that air. mix of modernity and contemporary which is widely used today.

But the wicker is the real winner. If we think about it, he is almost immortal. I remember my grandmother's wicker furniture, for example. She had, in the '80s, an all-wicker living room set, in the style of what we see in the traditional black and white TV series, Crazy Adams. One advance!

wicker lamps in the bedroom

wicker is cheaper and gives us the same rustic feeling, of zen warmth What are we looking for. And wicker lamps are a good idea, if you know how to combine them as they really deserve. So it doesn't matter if you have a zen style or a rustic-colonial or boho chic, wicker is wonderful to shape a warm, relaxing, fresh and exotic space. All at the same time!

Although it is true that wicker lamps are generally associated with hot summers and long vacations by the sea, this material is really very practical and great for lighting up your home in the city: the living room, the bedroom, and even the bathroom. , if you dare. And you can even use it not only inside but also outside, on patios, porches and terraces.

The natural style wicker lamps are readily available and some of them are woven by true artisans using techniques that make them extremely light and allow the sun's rays to pass through creating beautiful and intricate shadows on the walls. Those shadows and lights will always depend on the design in the wicker weave.

Elegance in wicker lamps

Where can you hang wicker lamps? In virtually any room, even ones where you need a lot of light, like the kitchen. In this case, I think it is convenient to hang them on the table or in the entrance hall, not near the stoves, since even if you have a powerful extractor fan, it will undoubtedly remain impregnated with grease.

The wicker lamps hanging in the living room or in the entrance hall will give you a warm, welcoming reception and the same if you hang them on the table. That warm light that sneaks through the fibers helps to relax everything. However, Rattan lamps should be used in rooms where the walls and most of the furniture and upholstery are white. If you want to add color, the wicker It looks great with brown or earth tones.

You can also combine the wicker in different textures, shapes, designs and sizes. You can, for example, buy circular, triangular or bell-shaped lamps. There are, you just have to look for them. In truth, today that they are used you will see many designs for sale and you will see that they work very well in homes, stores and even offices.

colored wicker lamps

So far we have always talked about natural style wicker lamps, but the truth is that you will also find them stained or painted in different colors. It is typical in the decorations but mexican style, for instance. And they still look great with the white walls and furniture.

In the children's rooms are they also a good idea? Of course! Especially the wicker lamps that are colored. And as we said at the beginning, also They are super suitable for outdoor spaces such as patios and terraces. They are light and They resist being outdoors well.

So, to wrap up, let's look specifically at some options for natural style wicker lamps Nowadays you can not only find the traditional wicker chairs, but there are even cribs or also the beautiful wicker lamps. These lamps are ideal for create a serene light and they stand out for that natural and a little rustic touch that they can add to spaces. Also, they come in many versions and forms.

Wicker lamps of different shapes

The more casual style lamps and casual are these with a light aspect, as if they were made by hand. You can even recycle old baskets to make new lamps. It is a material that brings a very natural touch to everything, being great for areas such as terraces or dining rooms that face the outside. Also, they look great with that tropical style.

We also have the more elegant version, with beautifully designed lamps in various shades. One has a rustic touch, matching that wooden table, and the other brings the exotic touch to a modern setting. Being such a natural material it is very decorative in any space.

types of wicker lamps

You have the hanging versions for spaces like the dining room, so that it creates an overhead light. It cannot be denied that they are very decorative pieces, and that they marry both a rustic atmosphere and a more modern one, to which they provide warmth.

Although wicker lamps are worn in their most natural version, also, as we have seen, they are full of color. These models are ideal to give an exotic touch to any room, especially if the walls are completely white, as it will stand out a lot.

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