Prefabricated concrete houses, an innovative alternative

Prefabricated concrete houses

There are many families that bet on alternative housing models looking for better value for money, shorter construction time or greater energy efficiency. Prefabricated concrete houses combine such characteristics, so it should not be surprising that more and more people are interested in this type of construction.

The possibilities that the reinforced concrete In terms of design, structural safety, finishes, power, speed of execution and adaptability with other systems, it has no rivals. Prefabricated concrete houses allow us to choose the most suitable housing model for our needs. And also customize it to achieve maximum comfort.

Our prefabricated concrete houses They provide us with a generally diaphanous and minimalist space whose finishes we can customize with the advice of the architects and interior designers of the companies dedicated to this type of construction. Designing the space as you imagine it and preparing for the move will be all you have to do to move into your new home.

Prefabricated concrete houses


What is a manufactured home?

A manufactured home is a dwelling built from standardized sections. Sections that are manufactured in advance out of their place of installation and later, assembled in their final location. You decide how you want it, you choose and configure the distribution and the finishes, always based on an imposed modular system and with the support of a team of architects and engineers who will help you specify your needs and shape them.

Prefabricated concrete houses

Advantages of prefabricated concrete houses

Standardization of solutions and optimized study Between the technical part and the construction part, it allows companies to avoid surprises on site and cost overruns. In the same way, delivery times are closed so that one can schedule when they will move into their new home. As if these were few, prefabricated concrete houses also provide other advantages to those who bet on them.

  • Safe delivery times and agile. The execution times are of the order of 70% less than in traditional construction on average.
  • Lower cost per m2 as they are industrialized processes.
  • Closed price. Cost overruns disappear.
  • Mayor energy saving. Long-term savings in energy consumption.
  • Taking advantage of advantages of concrete compared to other materials: fire resistance, acoustic insulation, thermal stability ...
  • Flexibility in construction. They evolve according to the needs and economic possibilities of users, adding or reducing modules accordingly.
  • Environmental awareness. Although prefabricated concrete houses use almost the same materials as a traditional construction for their construction, the environmental impact is much lower. Why? Because the energy content of the manufacturing and supply of the house is much lower. There is practically no noise pollution and there is less radiation due to the effects of machine gases.
  • Zero maintenance. The long life and durability of concrete will allow you to save on maintenance.

Prefabricated concrete houses

Energy efficiency

Manufactured homes are more energy efficient than a traditional home. Concrete walls are typically comprised of a structural concrete interior, a high-performance insulation layer, and an external structural concrete layer to provide the home with maximum performance. Thermal stability.

In winter the dense structure absorbs the sun's heat for free, to radiate it at night, while in summer the thermal inertia of the concrete walls and the thickness of the insulation will keep the house cool. A feature that will allow you to save more than 60% on energy efficiency and air conditioning and that increases the possibility of almost zero consumption.

Prefabricated concrete houses

In addition to achieving thermal stability thanks to its walls, the house can be equipped with other systems: aerothermal, geothermal, pellet boiler and double cross-flow ventilation. Both aerothermal and geothermal are clean energy sources increasingly attractive for heating rooms or producing hot water.

Another tool that can help achieve maximum energy efficiency is home automation. The domomic allows us to automate security, wellness, communications and energy management systems, in order to manage them more intelligently. Smarter and more comfortable.


Prefabricated concrete houses



Beyond the technical characteristics, concrete provides the house with a unique aesthetic: modern exteriors and interiors with wide and open spaces. Interiors that will be very easy to decorate and adapt to the desired style. And that they will not turn out as cold as can be believed.

Companies dedicated to the design and construction of prefabricated concrete houses they combine project and work. A combination that allows a process of continuous improvement, optimizing deadlines, finishes and standardization of construction solutions. All to achieve the most competitive price and the highest quality parameters.

During the process, you will only have to worry about maintaining the illusion for the new home, something that with the delivery times of traditional homes is, at times, very complicated. Do you like the idea of ​​having a prefabricated concrete house?

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