Some keys to decorating living rooms

Living room decoration

Is your living room outdated? Have you bought a newly built home and do not know where to start decorating the living room? A blank space can be overwhelming so we want to help you by sharing some keys to decorating living rooms.

What is the most important thing when decorating the room? Good distribution is key to maximize space and facilitate movement between the different areas, if any. And after the distribution the design, which must not only adapt to our lifestyle but also be attractive and welcoming. And how do you get all this? Let's go step by step analyzing the keys to decorating living rooms.

Properly distribute the space

To be able to distribute the room correctly you need to know how you are going to use it. Are you going to use the living room also as a dining room? Do you need to include a small work area? Would it be good for you to have extra storage space in this room? Keep in mind that in addition to everything you need, you will have to leave enough space between furniture to be able to move comfortably through it.

Start with a good layout

The shape of the room can help you choose the best layout for your room. Is your living room rectangular or square? In the large rectangular rooms in which more than one environment must be included, using an L-shaped sofa will help you separate and optimize them.

You don't have to give up the L-shaped sofas in the square spaces, but if you do it, the right thing to do will be to bet on a corner. In this type of space, especially when it is small, it works better to place a single sofa and add an armchair or pouf to gain seats. Do not overload the space for an optimal decoration of the rooms.

Think about the style

Choosing the style makes all subsequent decisions quicker. Browse decorating magazines or lose yourself on Pinterest It will serve as inspiration to know what you want and what you don't want. You can also do it without leaving our page. In Decoora we have shared throughout these years the keys to decorate rustic style living rooms, industrial, Nordic or mid century. You just have to use our search engine to get ideas.

Find your style

Are you looking for something simpler? On this paragraph, in the image, we show you salons of very different styles so that visually and quickly you can determine which one is closest to what you are looking for. This way you can limit your subsequent search and write down the first style keys for your living room.

Choose the color palette

Color in addition to contributing to enhance a specific decorative style, will influence to create a certain atmosphere. Do you want it to be a familiar and relaxed space? Do you prefer a modern and sophisticated style? Looking to create a creative space? Less than a year ago we shared with you color ideas to paint and decorate a living room according to your style. Shall we go over a few quickly?

Color, key in living room decoration

  • White and light gray: classic. White walls play their role very well in rooms with classic architecture and elegant design, but you can substitute white for a light gray if you want, in addition to a sober and elegant space, a trend. With white furniture and shades of gold or black depending on the style you want to achieve, you will always be right.
  • White and light wood. Nordic. White is the quintessential color in the Nordic style because it enhances the light. But not everything has to be white, you can update the space with nuances: light wood furniture or accessories in pastel tones.
  • Blacks and Dark Grays: Contemporary. Gray is the fashionable color and the color par excellence to create modern spaces. With black, it forms an ideal color combination to achieve rooms with a sophisticated air. A combination to which you can add furniture and pieces of wood or in tan tones to achieve greater warmth and small nuances of color.
  • Green: Mid-Century. The deepest greens fit perfectly with the lines and mid-tones of the Mid Century furniture, making them ideal for spaces with a certain vintage air. To complete them you will only need to incorporate textiles or accessories in warm tones: oranges, terracotta, garnets ...
  • Yellow and orange: Creative Warm and vital they are a fantastic alternative to create fun and creative spaces. Highlighting a specific piece of furniture through geometric patterns or opting for a sofa in this color will bring a lot of personality to any living room. In addition, they are colors that combine very well with blue, white and gray tones.
  • Terracotta and ocher: exotic. This warm color combination takes us to an exotic place. Painting a living room in terracotta tones is a good way to start creating a bohemian or century modern style space that you can later complete with pieces of furniture in exotic woods, textiles in ocher tones and accessories in off-white.

Draw attention to the main wall

Drawing attention to the main wall is a great decorative resource. Paint, wallpaper, or add a coating That makes it stand out from this is one of the most common ways to achieve it. Among the coatings, the wooden ones are currently the most demanded, since they contribute to bring warmth to this space that is usually the largest in the house.

Wall coverings

Install a fireplace is another way to do it. The fireplaces normally preside over the living rooms and around these are arranged furniture typical of this room such as sofas and auxiliary tables. For a long time symmetrically with respect to the fireplace; today, however, with other types of formulas, not so formal.

A fireplace as a focal element in the living room

Are these the only elements that can make a wall the focal point of the living room? Not at all. There are very economic resources such as placing a structure through which a hanging plant climbs, a large painting, a sofa in bright colors or a set of photos or mirrors.

Striking living room elements

Don't skimp on lighting

Another key in decorating living rooms is lighting. It plays a fundamental role, especially in those that are going to be used to carry out different activities. The ideal in these is to use spotlights or a large central lamp that provide general light and complement this with other types of lamps that allow us to illuminate specific corners. This lighting will allow you to draw attention to specific corners or pieces of furniture, create a suitable environment for reading or working and create moments of greater intimacy.



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