The importance of always having a clean home

home always clean

When we visit other people's houses there are some things that can hardly be overlooked. The cleaning and the order are some of them. What's more, surely this is more obvious than any kind of style or decorative element, however striking it may be. Keep the home always clean It's something we all aspire to. An aspect of our houses much more important than it seems.

We call Home to the place where we feel safe and happy. For many people, it is the place where a large part of the day is spent, where we keep our personal belongings and memories, the refuge we share with our loved ones. How can we not want to take care of it?

However, as much as we all agree on this, the truth is that maintaining cleanliness and order in the home is an effort. Cleaning and ordering are activities that almost no one likes (although there are notable exceptions) but which we cannot give up. In any case, it's worth it spend time and attention to this task, since it will bring us many benefits.

A messy house invites stress and anxiety. There is nothing worse than coming home after a hard day's work and finding dust on the stairs, unwashed clothes, unironed laundry, unwashed dishes... Clutter and lack of hygiene affect the aesthetics of a home. our home, but also our spirit and our humor.

Benefits of an always clean home

home always clean

Having a home that is always clean is very important. Not only for an obvious question of hygiene and health, but also for maintain our emotional well-being. If our house is clean and tidy, so will our mind.

But even agreeing with this, it is possible that the simple idea of ​​​​cleaning and tidying up the house makes us lazy. Perhaps if we know all the benefits that this activity brings, we will change our minds:

  • The more cleaning, the less stress. Dirty and chaotic home environments can cause us high levels of stress and anxiety. And the more time we spend without cleaning, things get worse.
  • Disorder, enemy of concentration. In a house that is not clean and the case reigns, it is impossible to work, cook and organize to carry out any task.
  • A clean house is a healthy house., since the air we breathe is of better quality. Likewise, resting in a clean environment is healthier.
  • Cleaning keeps us fit. It is a form of moderate physical activity. By cleaning our house, we combat a sedentary lifestyle and burn some extra calories.
  • Cleanliness and order improve our mood. It has been proven: disorder and dirt demotivate and discourage us. When everything is clean and in its place, we feel an undeniable well-being and an extra dose of energy.
  • Cleaning is a stimulating activity. On the one hand, there is the satisfaction of a job well done when we see the results of our effort; on the other, when cleaning and ordering without realizing it, new ideas for organizing and decorating come to mind.

To all this, and since this is a blog dedicated to the world of decoration, we must highlight the fact that cleaning is always the first step to go through before undertaking any decorative project in our homes.

Most effective methods to clean a house


"Everyone knows how to clean, there is not much secret in this." Although this statement is true, the truth is that there are many different ways to keep your home always clean. Many ways to tackle this task to help us be more efficient and achieve better results.

Most of us tend to dedicate one day a week to cleaning, in addition to planning other times to carry out those deeper seasonal cleanings, when spring arrives or when there is a change of season, for example, which we also take advantage of to take out or store summer or winter clothes. However, there are other possibilities. These are some methods that many already apply in their homes:

20/10 method

This is a method devised by Rachel Hoffmann and that many people around the world have already adopted for their homes. The key of 20/10 method it is a meticulous and correct distribution of time. Very interesting for those of us who are lazy and live with anguish the day before the "cleaning day" that we have planned.

The system is none other than clean 20 minutes and rest 10. It sounds stupid, but it's incredibly effective. Just when we begin to feel overwhelmed and exhausted from the work of cleaning, a restorative pause arrives. Ten minutes to watch TV, read a little, freshen up... A brief disconnection to return to work with renewed energy.

With the 20/10 method we will clean our houses almost without realizing it and without noticing the effort.

Oosouji or Japanese cleaning

It is clear that, when we talk about order, discipline and cleanliness, Japan is always a reference country. The oosouji (whose literal meaning is "great cleaning") is an ancient tradition that has the double objective of achieving the harmony of the home and the emotional balance of its inhabitants.

Traditionally, the Japanese reserve a calendar day for this total cleansing: December 28. In this way, cleaning also acquires the meaning of renewal, a way to enter the new year without burdens, debts, or pending issues.

El oosouji It has its own system: first you have to open doors and windows to ventilate the spaces, then you have to clean the ceilings and walls to continue with the furniture and, finally, the floor. Always from the top down.

Power Hour

Is it possible to have a clean house in just one hour? It seems like a chimera, but the method Power Hour plead for it. The idea of ​​this method is based on following the following scheme: start cleaning a specific room or area of ​​the house and not go to another until finished.

For the method to work, you have to set a pace. A good way to do it is to start the washing machine with all the dirty clothes and keep in mind that before the wash cycle ends, our task has to be finished. Thus, we will previously calculate how much time we can dedicate to each stay.

Obviously it will be a very intense hour, but only one.

These are just a few ideas that can help us in our goal of keeping our home always clean. Obviously, each one has his methods and knows his house better than anyone, with its peculiarities and its tricks. However, I am sure that from everything we have exposed we will be able to get good ideas. Let's do it!

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