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off white

When decorate the white color it is a basic. We almost always use it as a base to highlight other shades, and it has also become very popular thanks to the Nordic style. But among whites there are also different shades, and one of them is off-white. A white that allows us to have bright environments in a more relaxing color than pure white.

El off white It is a tone that adds a touch of color to the purest and brightest white, whether grayish or beige. It is a white that is not snowy, but nevertheless helps us to create relaxing and sober environments, in contrast to other tones. Let's see how to use off-white in decoration.

What is off-white

Off-white beige

The off-white hue is a color that is not pure white, but has other pigments that stain that white to give it a less luminous tone. The broken white can be found with warmer or colder tones, which combine with gray or beige. This type of white is ideal for large environments, in which pure white is excessive. Above all, it is usually used on walls, so that the tone of white is not annoying in case the sun hits them directly.

Get an off-target

If we talk about paintings, we can find several shades of white in stores, which are already made. If we want a specific degree of tonality, black or brown pigments can always be added to a bottle of pure white, to achieve a broken, more beige or grayish color. In the case of textiles, it is sometimes difficult for us to distinguish it, which is why it is better to see it together with a piece of pure white, to notice which are the predominant pigments in the off-white, whether they are warm or cold, as this can condition the decoration in the home.

Why choose the off-white color


One of the main reasons people choose off-white for the home is because it is not as bright. We know that an excess of light can become annoying, and pure white, when it has a lot of light, becomes even annoying. In this way, to create environments that are more relaxing, it is always better to opt for an off-white in which the light is not reflected so much.

Another advantage of off-white is that has some pigments with which we can combine the rest of the decoration. We can opt for the warmer whites or for the cold ones, in order to create a decoration of this type, with cold or warm colors.

To finish with the advantages of this color, it occurs to us that we can also include various white tones in an environment shades of white to play around with those broken tones. This makes a decoration with a predominance in white colors such as the Nordic type not so boring. Of course, we must know how to combine them. On the walls, the most broken tones are always used, because they give sobriety and tranquility to the environments, and for the furniture or for the textiles we can add a more pure white.

Nordic style and off-white


If there is a style to use white without any fear, that is the style Nordic or Scandinavian. A style that has become fashionable and in which we can find really interesting environments. The trick of Nordic environments is simplicity, and for this reason they do not usually add many patterns or colors, always with the right touch. White is the protagonist and although they use pure white tones a lot to give light to everything, broken whites are not left behind when it comes to giving life to Nordic environments.

If we want to create a space of scandinavian styleIt is ideal to use broken whites with cold tones, because these are the tones that are usually seen in spaces of this type. Grays are very common, so they are perfect to mix with an off-white of grayish tones, giving way to gray tones in textiles or walls. They even use black tones, so these broken whites will help us create a smoother transition to pure white.

Off-white and color for your home

There are spaces where you want add color to bring vivacity to that sobriety of broken white. We must take into account what type of white we have, if it is warmer or colder, to combine it with the other colors in the environment. With this off-white we can add any tone, since it is a perfect basic color to become an essential when decorating the home.

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  1.   Nazareth said

    I have a white bedroom wall and I chose the furniture off-white with the off-white headboard and silver in the center. What color curtain would suit me. Thank you