Wallpaper imitating concrete walls

Concrete in rooms

Though pictures can be deceiving, yes that they are not concrete walls, but rather wallpaper which mimics it almost perfectly. It may seem nonsensical, since normally the bare walls tried to be hidden by covering them and painting them or adding paper with beautiful patterns, but the decoration is very flexible and fashions change, so today we can see this as a trend.

This wallpaper mimics various types of concrete, from the plates to simple cement walls or even with cracks. It will make everyone who enters the house touch the paper to see if it is really a wall or an optical effect, because the level of realism is great. So, if you want to give your walls a new style, it's time to get carried away by an idea like this.

The wallpaper imitating concrete walls is perfect in industrial decoration

You already know that the so-called industrial decor it is linked to open homes, full of spaciousness. In them we can say that the 'nakedness' of each corner is the protagonist. In other words, if the walls have bricks, they are left exposed, as well as the pipes and the same goes for the concrete. Although in this case, it is not exactly him but we will create that effect. Therefore, wallpaper will be one of the best allies to complete a decoration like this. The feeling of naturalness will be very present and that is something that we love. Putting something like this has its advantages and disadvantages. Some may think that why are you going to put a paper that imitates the bare wall, but today few places have walls of this type, and the industrial style, rougher and colder, has become fashionable, leaving the materials exposed .

Living room wall with concrete

In minimalist decorations wallpaper is also essential

We must always give a touch of personality to any decoration worth its salt. It is good to follow the bases of it but we can always add it to our whim. That's why, minimalist decoration has a series of characteristics as usual and among that simplicity that it always shows us, concrete walls can be present. They will give it more personality and the result will be brilliant. It only remains to continue combining it with wooden furniture, basic colors and leaving space, without hoarding furniture.

Concrete wall in the bathroom

Gives prominence to the main wall

We are not going to add wallpaper to each and every wall in the room. More than anything because we do not want an ornate effect, quite the opposite. We need to bet on naturalness and originality. Hence, we can only find that if we know how to play our cards well. It is best to choose a wall that is the main one, since in this way we will give more prominence to the finish. The great thing about this wallpaper is that it also combines with many styles, you can add wooden furniture, glass or copper objects, and everything will be perfect, because the wall is basic. It will always be better to use it only on one side of the room, why? so that it does not create too much coldness in the environment.

Living room walls with concrete finish

It is valid for different places

This role is also a good idea for offices or for schools, places where the industrial and modern styles can be perfect. The simplicity of the furniture is the best choice, and bright touches of color can be added to brighten the room. It is better not to use it in the bedroom, since it does not provide much warmth. As we can see, it can not only be present in our home, but also in other types of places it will also be very attractive. Perhaps that versatility is why we like it so much.

Concrete wallpaper walls

Can be used indoors and outdoors

We must clarify that when we talk about outdoor areas, it is better that they be covered. In other words, a sunroom can also be the best place to let our imagination run wild in the form of wallpaper. Minimalist homes, as we mentioned before, and more luxurious ones also tend to have a fair-faced concrete finish. That is why this finish can be adapted to all kinds of scenarios. Hence, it is one of the great options we have in our lives. You do not like the idea?

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