Boho garden party

Ideas for a boho garden party

If you have something to celebrate this coming summer, we suggest ideas to organize a boho party in the garden. Ideal for a night with friends.


Ideas for a relaxing bath

Don't miss out on the following decorative ideas that will help you achieve a relaxing and peaceful bath.

Hanging garden chairs

Hanging fabric garden chairs

Hanging chairs are a great proposal to enjoy reading and / or relaxing after a day of work on the porch or garden.

family room

Ideas for family rooms

The rooms of any home are necessary to take them into account, especially if the family is large. Everyone should feel integrated in the room.

Gray walls bedroom

Bedroom in gray tones

Discover how to decorate bedrooms in gray tones, a basic and sober color that is used many in Scandinavian-style environments.

Scandinavian style

Basic office in Nordic style

Having a basic home office is simple if we use the Nordic or Scandinavian style as a base. Discover ideas to decorate the office.

Terrace in coastal style

Coastal style terraces for summer

If you like the coastal style inspired by the beach and the sea, discover these great outdoor terraces with marine and coastal touches.

Decorating the garden pergola

Decorating the garden pergola

Decorating the garden pergola is a great idea, since there are many elements that, in addition to being decorative, turn out to be very practical.

bathroom in wood

Stylish wooden bathrooms

Wooden bathrooms are an option that can be equally practical and modern. Discover these ideas to decorate the bathroom with this material.

Kitchen in mid century style

Kitchens in mid century style

The mid century style is a trend on the rise. We show you kitchens in this great style with vintage and industrial touches.

Red balconies and patios

Reddish-hued balconies and patios

Today we propose at Decoora to decorate your balcony, terrace or patio in reddish tones. Do you want to know how to do it? We show it to you.

Original washbasin for the bathroom

Ideas of original sinks for the bathroom

The original sinks for the bathroom are very varied, and they suppose to give a special touch to this area of ​​the house with a different piece of furniture.

Blackboard in the dining room

Blackboards for the dining area

Find out how to integrate blackboards into the dining area. Dining rooms with different styles admit this very dynamic element.

wood effect

3 types of soil to decorate your home

If you are thinking of changing the flooring in your home, take good note of these 3 types of flooring that are trending and will help you give your home a new look.

Living room in very chic neutral tones

Salons in neutral and serene tones

Salons in neutral tones are a great choice, as they have a simple style and a serene atmosphere, and with colors that do not go out of style.


The color pink in girls' rooms

If you have one or more daughters, don't miss out on how to decorate their rooms with a color as wonderful and feminine as pink.

Conforama garden set

Conforama garden collection

Discover the new garden collection of the Conforama firm for this 2016. Classic or modern ideas for the exterior of the home.

Vintage yellow sofa

La Oca sofa collection

La Oca sofas have many styles and models. It is a store that has a wide variety of furniture to inspire you.

Rest corner in the pool

Rest area in the pool

A rest area in the pool is always needed. Discover ideas to take advantage of the pool with a space to relax.

Hidden bathroom storage

Hidden storage space in bathroom

There are numerous proposals to create hidden storage space in the bathroom, thus preserving a sober and minimalist aesthetic. We show them to you.

How to distribute the kitchen

Ways to distribute the kitchen

When we have a project in mind, many ideas can come up with their advantages and disadvantages. If you are thinking of decorating ...

Perennials for the cold

Cold hardy perennials

Discover several cold hardy perennials so you can have a beautiful garden during the winter.

Rustic home office with wood

Rustic style home offices

We give you the inspiration to create a rustic style home office, with lots of wood, vintage furniture and industrial touches.

Spring terrace with flowers

Spring terrace outside

Creating a spring deck is easy with a few good ideas, adding comfortable outdoor furniture and lots of plants.

black bathroom

The color black in the bathroom

If you want to make your bathroom have a modern and current touch, do not miss the following decorative ideas to achieve it. 

Home office with color

The most colorful home offices

Home offices require spaces full of inspiration, and nothing better than a little color to bring life to this corner of work.

Flake tiles for bathroom

Decorating the bathroom with flake tiles

Scale tiles mimic scales and are a fabulous and very creative idea for decorating a simple bathroom. They will give depth and a lot of personality to the bathroom walls.

Ikea organizes the kitchen

Ikea organize your kitchen (I)

Is the most absolute chaos reigning in your kitchen? Well don't worry, because Ikea comes to the rescue with great ideas ...


The color black in the kitchen

Do not lose detail of the following decorative ideas with which to get your kitchen to show off an elegant and spectacular black color.

Tiled garden paths

Garden path inspiration

Decorating the outdoor garden can be a challenge if it is a very large space, since there are many possibilities….

Dining room in light orange tones

Dining rooms in light tones

Creating a dining room full of light and brightness is possible, a happy and suitable environment for the spring that is ...

Rustic style hall

Rustic style hallways

The rustic style always seems cozy to us, since it is like those wonderful country houses in which ...

Sewing workshop in small spaces

Sewing workshop at home

There are many people who nowadays have a sewing workshop set up at home to be able to work in ...

Bedroom yellow touches

Bedrooms with a yellow touch

Discover these great bedrooms with a yellow touch. A cheerful and intense color that brings a lot of life to the spaces, but including it with care.

plants for the bathroom

The best plants for the bathroom

Plants for the bathroom must be suitable for a higher humidity level than other environments. Discover the best plants for this space.

Sale Zara Home

Sale on bedding Zara Home

The sales have already begun in the Zara Home online store, so you can find great proposals such as these textiles for the bed.

Country house dining rooms

Dining rooms for a country house

The dining rooms for a country house can have from rustic touches to other vintage ones. Discover the best ideas for these spaces in the field.

Separate spaces

Ideas to separate spaces

When we decorate it is sometimes difficult to separate spaces, since it must be done in a simple and elegant way, combining with the style of your home.

modern bathroom

Ideas to decorate a modern bathroom

If you want to have a bathroom that goes to the last and is really modern, do not miss any detail of the following decorative ideas that will help you achieve it.

Ikea baby rooms

Ikea baby rooms

The Ikea firm's baby rooms have furniture that is functional, but also very aesthetic, with soft tones like pink.

Ikea youth room

Ikea youth rooms

Ikea youth rooms have great ideas for storage and decorating. Colorful and very practical ideas for young audiences.


How to clean the microwave

If you want to have the microwave in a clean and perfect way, do not miss the following tips with which to clean it correctly.

Fireplaces in minimalist style

Fireplaces in minimalist style

Discover the minimalist style fireplaces, which stand out for their simple and elegant lines, for a modern but very warm atmosphere.

Vintage dressing rooms

Vintage style walk-in wardrobes

The vintage-style dressing rooms are a great idea if we can dedicate a space to have the clothes well exposed and organized, with an area to change.

Light points in the kitchen

Add points of light in the kitchen

Adding points of light in the kitchen is something very necessary, since it is a place that needs extra lighting to be able to work and avoid accidents.

Decorate the matrimonial bedroom

How to decorate a double bedroom

Decorating a double bedroom means taking into account the tastes of two different people. Discover all the tips to decorate this space.

Ideas to maximize a small bedroom

If you have a small bedroom, it is more than likely that you want to feel bigger and what is more important, make it more functional. But how?

Minimalist style toilets

Minimalist style toilets

We offer you inspiration to decorate toilets in a minimalist style, in order to create sober, clean and functional spaces.

Decorate the fireplace

Ideas to decorate the fireplace

Discover the best ideas to decorate the fireplace. It is a beautiful element that is worth highlighting, and with a few decorative touches it is perfect.

Lounges open to the garden

Lounges open to the garden

The living rooms open to the garden are great ideas, since they allow the entry of a lot of natural light into the interior area of ​​the house integrating everything.

Teen Rooms

How to decorate teen rooms

The rooms for teenagers should have a childlike point but be at the same time more adult, with very functional furniture for their needs.

kitchen trends 2016

Trends in kitchens for 2016

If you want to be up-to-date when it comes to decoration, take good note and don't miss out on the trends in kitchens for 2016.

White kitchen

How to decorate a white kitchen

Discover the best way to decorate a white kitchen. A space in which you have to emphasize textures and finishes to achieve originality.


How to decorate a loft

If you plan to move to a loft, do not miss the following decorative ideas that will help you create a perfect place to live.


Helpful tips for cleaning the house

If you want to have your house totally clean and sparkling, do not miss any detail and take good note of the following tips on easy and simple cleaning.

Living room with fireplace

Decorate a living room with a fireplace

Decorating a living room with a fireplace depends a lot on the style of this important element. Now that winter is coming, it must take center stage in the living room.

Rustic bathroom

Ideas to decorate a rustic bathroom

Decorating a rustic bathroom is simple, adding touches with natural materials and antique furniture. Discover the best inspirations in this style.

Illuminate the terrace

How to light the terrace

Lighting the terrace is important during the months with less light. There are many ways and ideas to make this lighting fit the style.

Blue bathrooms

How to decorate blue bathrooms

The idea of ​​having blue bathrooms is a great inspiration. A classic color in the bathroom but that has been reinvented to create a modern and contemporary style.