Washing machine in the bathroom

10 tricks to save at home

With the price of electricity skyrocketing, these 10 tricks will help you save on a day-to-day basis and make it to the end of the month better.

Small Prefab Homes

Small Prefab Homes

We talk about small prefabricated houses and why they can be a good alternative to create a home.

Decorate the kitchen wall

Kitchen wall decor

We give you varied ideas and inspirations for decorating the kitchen wall with original elements.

Rustic handles

Rustic kitchen handles

Discover some inspiration in rustic style kitchen handles for your home, with very varied and original ideas.

Coffee zone

Coffee area in the kitchen

Discover how to create a coffee area in the kitchen, with a lot of style. Ideas to have a corner dedicated to morning coffees.

Tiling ideas for the kitchen

Tiling ideas for the kitchen

Looking for tiling ideas for the kitchen? At Decoora we show you some that can help you give your kitchen a modern and contemporary look.

Main bedroom

Master bedroom layout

We give you some ideas on how to make the distribution of the master bedroom with simple ideas.

Industrial style

Industrial style colors

We tell you what are the ranges of colors that are usually used in the industrial style that is a trend.

Rustic style

Rustic color range

We give you ideas to create a decoration with the range of rustic colors for the home.

Mediterranean cuisine

Mediterranean style kitchens

We give you some ideas to decorate kitchens in the Mediterranean style, a very nice and fresh style for your home.

Aluminum pergolas

Aluminum pergolas

We talk about the advantages of aluminum pergolas and the types of elements that you can find in stores.

Aluminum windows

Aluminum windows

We talk to you about aluminum windows, counting their advantages, disadvantages and the types that can be chosen.

Folding table

Folding wall table

We tell you how to enjoy a folding wall table, a perfect piece of furniture for the home.

Chest of drawers

Cabinet interior drawers

We are talking about the drawers for the interior of the closet, a complement that can be very useful when organizing it.

Ikea shelves

Ikea shelves

We are talking about the Ikea shelves section, an essential accessory for decorating your home.

Advantages of the shower

Change bathtub for shower

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of changing a bathtub for a shower and if it is a good idea for your bathroom.

Modern chairs

Modern dining chairs

We tell you what designs of modern dining chairs you can integrate into your home to be a trend.

Cushion covers

Home cushion covers

We give you some inspiration in cushion covers for the home, with many varied ideas to change the decoration.

White skirting

Home trends, white skirting

When we decorate a home we need to think about all the details, not just the most general. It is true that we put ...

Table lamps

Table lamps in your home

We tell you how to add beautiful table lamps in the home, a functional detail but that must have a special design.

Make curtains

How to make curtains

The curtains are part of the home textiles that are essential in any home. Although they have seen a ...

Nordic changing table

Baby changing unit

How to add a great baby changing unit to your home that is functional and beautiful.

Modern showers

Garden showers for your home

We tell you how you can include the great garden showers in the outdoor area of ​​the home, with different ideas.

Awnings for terraces

Awnings for terraces

We are talking about the great awnings for terraces, an ideal element to take advantage of this area of ​​the home.

Living room furniture

Furniture for living rooms

We show you all the necessary furniture to decorate the living rooms, from the sofa to the auxiliary furniture.

LED lights

LED ceiling spotlights

We tell you why you should use LED spotlights for the ceiling area, with very modern lighting.

Original umbrella stands

Original umbrella stands

We give you different ideas to add original umbrella stands at home, with very different and special pieces for the entrance.

Vintage coat racks

Vintage wall coat racks

We give you inspiration in different models and ideas of vintage wall racks to place at the entrance of the home.

Design bathrooms

Design bathrooms

We give you some ideas to create designer bathrooms at home, with important details to make them special bathrooms.

orange color decoration

Colors that match orange

If you like the color orange but you don't know which colors combine best, don't miss which are the best colors for your home!


Vintage nightstands

Discover vintage-style nightstands for the bedroom area, a functional and very beautiful type of furniture.

Sliding doors

Interior sliding doors

We give you ideas on how to include the well-known sliding doors that are modern and functional in the interior of the home.

Walk-in closet without doors

Walk-in closets without doors

We give you various ideas on how to include the dressing rooms without doors inside the home, with current inspirations.

Painting walls

How to paint a room

We give you some creative ideas and tips for painting a room, as there are many ways to do it.

Modern hall

Decoration of modern hallways

We give you some simple ideas to decorate a modern hall, an area of ​​the house that is functional but very important.

Youth room

Youth rooms for boys

We give you some ideas to discover youth rooms for boys with some great ideas to decorate them.

Curtains for the porch

Outdoor curtains for porch

We give you some ideas when it comes to adding outdoor curtains for the porch area, a place that can be used all year round.

Coffee table

Designer coffee tables

Discover how to decorate the living room area with beautiful designer coffee tables that are original and elegant.

Home Office

Desk chairs for home office

We are going to give you various ideas of desk chairs for the home office with different types of chairs and styles.

Bedside table

Leroy Merlin bedside tables

We tell you how you can decorate with Leroy Merlin nightstands at home, with its beautiful and current designs.

Wall light

LED wall lights

We tell you why it is a good idea to use LED wall lights, perfect pieces to illuminate the home.

Pet covers

Pet covers, home ideas

We are talking about pet covers, a detail that can be important to have a cleaner house with pets.

Decorate with bonsai

How to decorate with bonsai

We tell you how you can decorate your home with bonsai, a small tree that can be used to decorate many spaces.

Doghouse with porch

Doghouse at home

We give you some ideas to add a doghouse to your home, with some models and different materials.

Relax armchair

Relaxing armchair for home

We give you ideas and inspirations to be able to add a nice relaxing armchair at home, an ideal detail for a rest area.

Side tables

Side tables for living room

We give you ideas to add the great side tables in the living room area looking for different decorative trends.

Wall shelves

Home wall shelving

We give you ideas and inspirations in wall shelves to decorate the home, with pieces of metal, wood and with different shapes.

Pictures for the bedroom

Pictures for bedrooms

We give you varied ideas and inspirations in paintings for bedrooms, with beautiful compositions and colors.

Garden decoration

Garden decoration

We tell you how to use certain details to create a good decoration in the garden area.

Shoe organizer

Home shoe organizer

We are going to see some ideas to add a shoe organizer to the home, since there are very functional furniture.

Burgundy color

Burgundy decoration

Burgundy is a striking shade that can be used in decoration in many different ways.

Modern Modular Homes

Modern Modular Homes

We tell you what modern modular houses are like, new homes that are made from modules.

Wooden house

Wooden houses for children

We show you various ideas of wooden houses for children, a very fun element that we can put in the garden.


Tent for children

We give you some ideas to integrate a tent in children's decoration, with tents that are designed for children.

Youth furniture

Modern youth rooms

We give you some varied ideas about modern youth rooms with current and trendy inspirations.

Wicker furniture

Wicker and rattan furniture

We give you some ideas to decorate with wicker and rattan furniture, a natural material that has become very popular.

relaxation at home

Anti-stress decoration for your home

The decoration of your home can be anti-stress and it is also necessary so that you can take care of yourself and your emotions in addition to taking care of the decoration of your house.

Paint the bedroom

How to paint a bedroom

We tell you how you can paint a bedroom, to choose the tones that best suit our particular space.

Black and white room

Black and white room

We give you various ideas on how to decorate a black and white room with these two contrasting tones that are basic.

Attic decoration

Attic decoration

Discover what you can do to decorate the attics, an area in your home that can be difficult to decorate but that offers us many possibilities.

Kitchens with bar

Bar kitchens for the home

The kitchens with a bar for your home are a highly functional element that offers us many benefits on a daily basis as a work and leisure space.

Small flats

Tips for decorating small floors

Small flats pose a challenge when it comes to decorating, so we give you some ideas and tricks to take advantage of the square meters.

Kitchen with island

Small kitchens with island

We show you how small kitchens with island are, an element that can serve as a bar, dining room and also for storage and work area.

Wooden huts

Wooden huts for the garden

We tell you how you can choose the wooden huts for the home garden, an annex that offers us many functions.

Folding beds

Articulated double beds

We tell you what are the advantages of articulated double beds, their uses and also what are the types that there are.

Outdoor benches

Outdoor bench for home

We give you some ideas on outdoor benches for the home, with beautiful seats in different styles that can make a difference.

Radiating floor

Underfloor heating for your home

We tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages of installing underfloor heating in the home, a very current heating system.

Wooden flower pots

Wooden planters for your home

We give you various ideas to add wooden planters in gardens and terraces, with a noble and very classic material that always works.

Wooden doors

Interior wooden doors

We tell you what types of interior wooden doors you can find for your home, as well as what advantages these doors have.

Recliner armchair

Recliner for home

We tell you about the uses of the recliner for the home, a great piece to offer greater comfort in any corner.

Adjustable quilts

Adjustable home comforters

We tell you what are the advantages of adjustable quilts and which are the most sought after models for the bedroom area.

Baby room

Baby girl rooms

We tell you how you can decorate a baby girl's room, with some resources, interesting ideas and decorative styles.

Corner sofa

How to decorate with a corner sofa

We tell you how it is possible to decorate with a corner sofa, a very practical piece of furniture with which to take advantage of the spaces and that is very comfortable.