Wall organizers for all tastes

In the hall, the kitchen, the bathroom, the office or our private corner, a wall organizer is the essential accessory to keep order.

Red and gray boy's room

Kid's rooms in red and gray

Decorate the boy's rooms in red and gray in thinking long-term. Create a balanced environment with both colors for your baby and even adolescence

Children's canopy beds

Canopy beds for children's rooms

The canopy is a decorative and very striking element capable of transforming a children's room for princesses, adventurers and teenagers.

Summer trends: "tiki" style

The aesthetic motifs of the tiki culture come out of their original bars of the 30s to create an appetizing decorative cocktail this summer.

Cross stitch version 2.0

The cross stitch has been recycled at a decorative level and modifies its usual support: It is sewn on any material, painted, taped, silk-screened ...

Green water in the kitchen and living room

Spring tones: Water green

It is not a new color in decoration, but it is in the character it has taken, extending to all rooms in the house, as it is bright and pleasant.

Height Decoration: Vaulted Ceilings

They take us back to the most inspiring architectural past and fascinate us with their charm and originality, but a vault can also be a practical solution.

Bacon tables for the kitchen

Renewed trends: "bacon" tables

Formerly an essential piece of the town houses where the kitchen, dining room or patio used to be, the bacon table has become a decorative "must"

White and radiant spring

For many reasons and contrary to what is dictated, white is still the king of contemporary decoration and interior design, not just Scandinavian.

Fabric lined studs

Tacks return to the world of decoration

There are different designs on the market with a stud finish, but we can also opt for DIY and give a piece of furniture a special character with little style.

Bedside table with lift-up table

Get the most out of your nightstand

A bedside table does not have to be limited to being a support surface or container; we can give it an extra function that makes life pleasant for us.

High gloss lacquered table

High gloss lacquer: How to use

A high-gloss furniture or element has great visual strength by itself, enhances the appearance of other pieces and adds personality to any room.

Ceiling decoration with graffiti

Give your ceilings an extra touch

Wallpaper, PVC, plaster moldings, fresco paint, tiles ... the possibilities are endless if we want our ceilings to go beyond serving as lamp holders.

Modern attic penthouse

Attic penthouses that inspire us

Renew your attic with sloping ceilings creating a unique, intimate or family atmosphere that revalues ​​the house and improves your quality of life.

Wall made with Lego pieces

Interiors decorated with Lego pieces

Walls, stairs, furniture, accessories ... the question is to use imagination and make the most of those Lego pieces that will help us decorate the house.

E15 signature wood table

Conventual dining rooms

Our current lifestyle has ended up turning the dining table into the home base; as it used to be in convents.

Eclecticism for all

Eclecticism is an artistic trend that mixes elements of different styles and periods, with which we will take the opportunity to add details to our home.

Clocks made with cutlery

Reuse kitchen items to decorate

Cutlery, graters, molds, tables, egg cups ... Decorate your home with kitchen utensils and accessories that you have thought about throwing out or are embarrassed to throw away.

Hockenheimer stool made of magazines

When the magazine rack falls short

In the form of tables, cabinets, seats or cabinets, there are numerous ideas to keep safe those magazines that we do not want to get rid of.

An art gallery in the living room

Create your own art gallery

Enjoy your paintings and personal memories by setting up your own art gallery at home; it will highlight your personality and give spaciousness to the space.

Cutlery lamp

Dare with a recycled lamp

With recycled materials and a little creativity, you will be able to surprise with original lamps, very easy to make and affordable for any pocket.

Invest in a designer chandelier

There is no more grateful, simple and durable accessory: A candlestick in any of its formats is always a good decorative investment.

Waitress as a coffee table

How to reuse a waitress cart

If you have a waitress that you hardly use, renew its function with originality by using it as a side table, console, bedside table or furniture for the bathroom.

Stairs decoration

Decorative elements on the stairs

There are multiple options to decorate stairs without having to make a large investment, we just need to develop our creativity a little.

Aires of Mexico 1

Octavio Paz said that to be truly modern we must come to terms with our cultural traditions, something that shows the Mexican style

Examples of Japanese indoor gardens

Japanese gardens have changed positions from the outside to the inside, although without losing their purpose or their essence: Decorate, refresh and relax tensions

Original spaces to read

Giving an original touch to the reading corner can mark the personal character of this space; We can also choose pieces that unite seat and bookcase

Andrée Putman and a kitchen designed by her

Andrée Putman has left us

A. Putman leaves us after a long career as an interior designer, designer and businesswoman; we will be left with its unmistakable style, its charm and its authenticity.

New designs for rubber tablecloths

The rubber tablecloths have updated patterns and improved materials; There is no longer an excuse to take advantage of all its virtues without losing a bit of style.

Materials for paneling the walls

There are a wide variety of materials to place as panels on the wall, from wood, leather, slate, PVC, metal ... and even recycled boards.

Storage accessories for children

Children's storage furniture

Containers for toys regain prominence at this time of year for all the gifts that children receive at Christmas, and then it is necessary to organize

Poster related to the world of cats

Cats also invade the decor

If the Internet has praised cats with countless images and videos, why should they not also play a fundamental role in decoration?

Bird cages painted on the wall

Decorate with birdhouses

The old straw boxes are a resource when it comes to giving a romantic or nineteenth-century touch to decoration, or even for the design of events and weddings

Japanese panel type blinds in wood

Some ways to place blinds

The blinds accept almost any placement option, offer numerous designs and materials and can even be mixed with curtains or sheers.

Classic style brass fittings

Brass elements in decoration

Brass has become a recurring material in decoration due to its elegance, classicism and flexibility when adapting to any environment

Illuminated mirror with traditional wall lights

Illuminate the bathroom mirror

Lighting the bathroom mirror is essential so that the general light in the bathroom is homogeneous and at the same time is pleasant when we look at ourselves in it.

Lalinea model wall CD holder series, with integrated light

Decorative wall-mounted CD holder

A decorative CD holder allows us to keep our music collection organized and at the same time give an artistic touch to the wall without the need for pictures!

Compact wall-mounted steel kitchen

Compact designer kitchens

The new compact kitchens help to optimize space to the maximum, they are multifunctional and their designs have been simplified on an aesthetic level.

Scandinavian sideboard from the 50s for sale in Gidlööf, Barcelona

50's style sideboards, essential

The fifties-inspired sideboards have become a key piece of the house, due to the roundness of their simple lines and their versatility of use.

Fish-shaped plates for sushi

Dishes "even in the soup"

The dishes will be one of the outstanding objects to decorate our homes throughout the year, through new aesthetic codes and updating materials

Shallow folding bunk beds

The folding beds are diversified

The current folding or retractable beds improve in design and acquire new multipurpose functions, so that during the day we forget about them

Fireplaces prepared for exterior

Enjoy the terrace in winter 2

To give heat and illuminate the garden in winter there are fireplaces and portable braziers that even serve as barbecue, or multiple models of portacandiles.

Adapt the terrace to enjoy it in winter

Enjoy the terrace in winter 1

With leather and wool textiles, braziers, lamps and furniture made of natural materials, we can enjoy our terraces and gardens even in winter.

Aisle Storage Options

Original ideas for the hallway

The corridor can be an important area at a decorative level since it works as a common point of several rooms; there are many ways to take advantage of it.

Gallants at night: Iseo and Springday

The new gallants at night

The dresser at night is no longer that obsolete piece that did not quite fit in the bedroom: It has improved in design, functionality, aesthetics and forms of use.

Classic style high stools for the kitchen

High stools for the kitchen

Kitchens have evolved towards more versatile uses with central islands or countertops for common use, requiring the use of high stools as a seat.

Vinyl flooring

vinyl floors perfect to change the decoration without doing any works

Staircase decoration at Christmas

Decorating the stairs at Christmas

Decorating the stairs on these dates allows interesting variations of the classic Christmas motifs or to mount garlands with original elements.

Luxe wallpaper for the bathroom

Bathrooms decorated with wallpaper

Wallpaper can be an interesting alternative to decorate the bathroom if we choose the right style and take into account a few minimum rules of use.

Marine themed children's room

Themed children's bedrooms

A themed children's bedroom can delight our children; On the internet there are several companies specializing in à la carte rooms.

Kilt Series: Sideboard and rug with matching embossed pattern

Rugs that bring new uses

Carpets with new uses: To match the design of the furniture, specific for walkways, or water resistant for humid environments.